Pancake Sundays

img_2721My husband without fail almost every Sunday makes us pancakes for breakfast.  He makes a killer pancake.  The kids are giddy with excitement for “Daddy’s pancakes”.  As we sat around the table this morning I became overwhelmed with gratitude.  Gratitude that our Sundays start with pancakes.  Grateful for a family who sits around the table for meals.  Grateful to be married to a man who enjoys cooking breakfast for his family, and grateful for children who appreciate his time.

I think it hit me extra hard because I had let myself become overwhelmed with Christmas. I had been stressing out and focusing on all the wrong things the last two days.  I had been missing the miracle in the simple things.  I had been missing the joy of pancakes.

It is my experience that is where true happiness is found.  In the simple, beautiful gifts of small gesters of love.   Pancakes Sundays are a re-grounding center piece in my life.  It is not flashy, expensive or bought on Amazon. . . but its value in my life is priceless.

Today has been a beautiful day – starting with pancakes.

Day Two Jitters

Last night was a mix of excitement and panic.  I was excited I finally put something out there even though it is far from polished or complete.  Then came moments of panic and that nagging, self defeating voice would cry, “What did you do?”

Good news was that fleeting moment of fear was quickly replaced with curiosity and excitement.  I’m fueled by a curiosity to learn more and excited to see where this goes.  I love to write and am desperate for a career change.  After all, what do I have to lose!

Ripped the Band-aid


Today I ripped the band-aid.  In haste, after almost  a year of research, planning and swaying —  I started my blog today!  Research was helpful for I at least knew a website to go to and which was the most recommend.  A few terms felt familiar as I searched through domains and usernames.  Far from a pro there are many missing spots on my site still but I have more motivation and confidence this will come full circle now that it is out there. . . live. . .on the web.  

What I find interesting is why in the world I chose today to start?  Months ago I had completed a crash course on blogging.  I had written content, worked on images- then a small natural disaster derailed my entire world especially any time or energy for a blog.  

I also got distracted by a novel I am writing.  Hopefully I will finish that soon.

When the world started to slow down I focused more on other forms of writing feeling a true business might form via other avenues.  Still exploring that too.  

There have been many moments through the storm, through tragic events, or political uproars I thought I would start the blog. . . and yet didn’t.  

So why today?  I guess today I felt the urge and ran with it.  I want my life to change.  I want to write.  I want to use the expressive gifts God gave me.  And if nothing changes, then nothing changes.  

So today became the day.  Today the wheels of change leave the drawing board and begin to take flight.  I am full of fear and doubt but choosing to have faith and act in spite of the fear.  

I pray God blesses this adventure and for my readers I promise we will have some fun!

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