And they think woman are complicated?


So it is the notorious Valentine’s Day again! Most men I know will be panicking if they are involved in a relationship.

I heard a DJ early this week state that five days prior to Valentine’s Day is the most common date for relationships to end.

 I don’t know why they are stressing? In my opinion woman are the easiest to please on Valentines in most cases! Flowers, chocolates, a nice card, dinner, something sexy to sleep in, a stuffed animal, jewelry- I mean the list is like endless!

But what do we get our men? If I order you flowers he’d be embarrassed. Does he want a box of chocolates? My husband is not into jewelry or clothes.

So from where I’m standing it is 20x more difficult for the woman in a relationship to show her man that she loves him and wants to celebrate him on Valentines. A man can go anywhere from Hallmark to the gas station and come home with a winning display of love. What should I get?

Bottom line quit your complaining guys, we are not that complicated. At least when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  

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