Bogged Down

This may not be my best post ever but I have found myself bogged down by life the last month.  So I promised myself I would write something today!  Here is that “something”.  Truthfully I have pre-written lots of stuff but have struggled to dedicate the time to figure out how to make my website function the way I have envisioned it to function.

And I have to take responsibility for that.  It is not a WordPress issue or a template issue.  It is me only opening the site once every two weeks.  This is new to me.  It is a challenge to learn any new task but especially if you only breeze by it intermittently with large gaps of time in between.

I keep buying into the excuses of my “real” job draining me.  Which is true but also should be the motivation to stay more engaged in my development.

Then there are all the kids activities from school, to ballet, to hockey to play dates and birthday parties.

On top of meal planing, house cleaning, bills, laundry. . .

The struggle is real party people.

But nothing changes if nothing changes.  I want to write.  I don’t want to stay in my current job.  And I am responsible for making that happen.

There is my something for today.  🙂



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