Motherly Advice. . .

Mommy Mayhem Happy New Year!  How has yours gone so far?  I started mine of with a bang – day two – with my wonderful motherly advice. . .

January 2nd is my youngest’s birthday.  I love that girl so much. She is feisty, fearless and full of life.  She got here that way.  But she is also a bitter, pincher and hitter.  Her favorite target is her big sister.  We call big sister Princess because she is the princess.  And in good princess fashion she is as dramatic as the day is long and cries at the drop of a hat.  Man I love her too!!

Anyways- the other day I told Princess that she did not have to let her little sister push her around.  That if Bitsy hit her she could hit her back and I would not be mad.  Fantastic motherly advice right?

So January 2nd I run out for 15 minutes to get paper plates for Bitsy’s birthday party.  As I come through the door returning home everyone is crying and screaming.  I drop the bag and rush to the source of the loudest crying to find Bitsy with blood running down her face and her nose swelling 10x its normal size!

Evidently, Princess heeded my wonderful motherly advise, and when Bitsy bite her Princess wacked her right in the face with a toy pointer she’d got from Santa Clause.  Mind you it is Bitsy’s birthday and the rest of the family will be there shortly.

Initially all I could think was what have I done?  Great advise I gave!  Now my three-year old has a busted nose for her birthday.  And Princess (who is just 4) felt horrible about it.

But as I’ve let it sink in I kind of think maybe they are both better off for the experience.  Bitsy is going to have to learn that sometimes people strike back.  And Princess needs to know she can stand up for herself if she has to.

I have tried to let it go and just prayed for God to help me be the mother they need.

And the blessing is we will all get to practice again another day.  #spiritualimperfection


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  1. Lessons learned are so very valuable. Bitsy learned that sometime they hit back, princess learned that she can defend herself, and mommy learned that the lessons her children learn might just be her hardest ones yet. How’s the biting and hitting going now?


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