Daily Prompt: Renewal

via Daily Prompt: Renewal


Renewal.  Common thought as we approach the new year. I hear so often, “Oh what’s the point” “Why even bother?”  “You’ll never stick to it anyway”.

But I am going to chose to cast out those pessimistic attitudes.  I am going to believe in the possibilities that lay ahead.  I am going have hope in the future and not wallow in despair, trapping myself with my own self defeating condemnations.

This year I will renew.

I will renew my writing goals.

I will renew my dedication to this blog.

I will renew the search for a life that allows me to spend the quality time with my family I crave and search for a way out of my current career that I dread.

One Day At A Time.

One post, essay, chapter, sketch at a time, I will renew.

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