Writing to who?

Working my way through the WordPress fundamentals I was asked to identity who I am writing to.  Who is my ideal audience?  Being new and green my first thought was anyone who would read it!

But with a little deeper reflection I am probably reaching out to other moms.  Especially working moms like me who are juggling both roles.

I truly hope to connect with other writers.  All writers.  Bloggers, authors, copywriters . . . I want to learn more and find inspiration in your journeys.  I am seeking companionship in this uncharted venture.

Lastly, a lover of all arts I would also love to connect with artists of all mediums.  Painters, singers, dancers, actors, graphic designers and the like.  I am the product of an artist and art has always been a moving and important part of my life.  Even if I am stuck behind a boring desk at the moment composing this.

The weight and dread of this desk is my ultimate inspiration.  It is what causes my soul to scream out for more. For something different.  For something that makes me feel alive!

So if you are out there follow me!  Let us see where this goes. . .

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