Pancake Sundays

img_2721My husband without fail almost every Sunday makes us pancakes for breakfast.  He makes a killer pancake.  The kids are giddy with excitement for “Daddy’s pancakes”.  As we sat around the table this morning I became overwhelmed with gratitude.  Gratitude that our Sundays start with pancakes.  Grateful for a family who sits around the table for meals.  Grateful to be married to a man who enjoys cooking breakfast for his family, and grateful for children who appreciate his time.

I think it hit me extra hard because I had let myself become overwhelmed with Christmas. I had been stressing out and focusing on all the wrong things the last two days.  I had been missing the miracle in the simple things.  I had been missing the joy of pancakes.

It is my experience that is where true happiness is found.  In the simple, beautiful gifts of small gesters of love.   Pancakes Sundays are a re-grounding center piece in my life.  It is not flashy, expensive or bought on Amazon. . . but its value in my life is priceless.

Today has been a beautiful day – starting with pancakes.

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